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JuPo's Journal

Justin Pope
18 July 1979
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In Real Life...

I was born in Springdale, Arkansas, but since my family moved to Bartlesville, OK, when I was six months old, I consider it my home town. I spent about 8 months living in Florida (Cape Coral and Sarasota) a couple years ago, but had to move back due to financial problems.

Computers have been in my life since I was 5, when I would play on my grandma's Apple IIe. In 1987, my family got an Amiga 2000, and I was hooked for good. My dad, now senior video editor for TV Guide Networks (think the TV Guide Channel), learned videography himself at home. I learned along side him as I grew up, so this has always been a hobby of mine also.

I graduated from high school in 1997 and went off to college with a summer/winter internship at Phillips Petroleum. I didn't have anything planned for life, so I just followed my experience with computers into pursuing a Computer Engineering degree. I left college three semesters later with a 1.2 GPA and moved back to my home town.

While I was at college, I married the first and only person I dated while in high school. My daughter Emily was born in June 2000, shortly before my ex and I separated. My son Nathaniel was born to my future wife in August 2001, and Alexander was born July 2004. I've also 'common-law adopted' (if such a thing could exist) Karen's three children from her previous marriage: Samantha, Christopher, and Nicholas.

Except for the internship at Phillips, and the brief hiatus in Florida where I worked as a free newspaper distribution manager, my only real work experience has been at DSR, a small technical support company. I was hired there shortly after dropping out of college the first time, and they put up with me until I had to quit last year. This company believes in moving you from department to department, handing out raises and taking them away, firing people and rehiring them the next day, so it's always an adventure. But, I stuck with it, because not many companies would put up with my life issues the way they did.

I went back to school and graduated in 2005 as an RN. My motivation this time - money! My family had been surviving off of DHS programs and "loans" from our parents, but now we've moved to Tucson, AZ in careers where we can finally support ourselves. And we got married in July 2006.

In the online world...

I've been on the 'net since 1994, and BBSes for years before that. I avoid IRC and usenet like the plague, so my main presence on the internet has been in MUSHes and MUXes. College drew me away from most of the games I frequented in high school, but I still help maintain Transformers: Universe, where I'm responsible for some minor programming now and then.

At TFU, I'm known as Hobbes, a name I picked up on another game called FrontierMUTE during the mid '90s. On most Star Trek games, I was known as a Vulcan named Salek. I've also used the name Reylan on occassion. The one multiplayer internet game I actively participate in now is a web-based strategy game called BattleMaster. Here, I currently play the characters Dirrik and Hylor.